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The system of winter gardens 'Maria' is based on the solid carcass from beams and poles, produced from the select of the glued laminated timber of the domestic origin. The wood is the only natural structural material out of all used for construction of the winter gardens. No other material joining mechanical strength and good termoizolative properties has so much warmth and friendly radiating influencing the garden aesthetics. Beams from the glued laminated timber are secured with gaskets and aluminium profiles, light and resilient material immune to to damage and the corrosion, available in a full range of colours, according to the wishes of a Customer.

In the classic version the roof and the glazed walls are a double glazing with the rate of penetrating the U=central heating 1.1. We offer glassing our gardens in two variants:

  • completely transparent or coloured organic glass (PMMA),
  • solid polycarbonate which is characterised by high resistance to mechanical damage, which makes it much more withstood than the toughened glass.

We offer windows and the door as one - either double in the pivoting- sliding version or pivoting-opening. These are elements which enable manual airing the winter garden. Additionally, installing roof ventilators and ventilators at the base of the wall of the garden improves the ventilation. Such a asystem enables the optimum change of air inside the garden.

We are not affraid of our prices. We know that they are attractive. However, wanting to be honest with you we are putting no universal price list here since prices being in it could not be ultimate prices. For us every Customer is an individual project and it needs consultation when choosing the garden. Every project is adapted to wishes of the Customer and the place in which the garden will be installed. These are different materials and structural solutions used for constructing a garden, also adapted to the requirements of the Customer. Therefore, every project makes a different price dependent on many individual variables. With a view to recieving the preliminary offer, we ask You to contact us and give the detailed description determining Your expectations and requirements in relation to Your winter garden.
Carrying out Your dreams - it is our purpose!